How SAA Can Help You

Shoreline Arts Alliance proudly supports artists of all disciplines and experience levels. Whether you’re a seasoned artist looking to expand your horizons or a new artist looking for opportunities, SAA can help you grow.

  • Marketing: SAA can market your work on our social media pages, our weekly e-blasts, and paid advertisements on our e-blasts.
  • Mentorships: SAA can pair artists with mentors in various fields to provide support and advice.
  • Scholarships: SAA offers a wide range of scholarships for student artists across Connecticut. See the scholarship page for details.
  • Partnerships: SAA can also provide partnerships with and for artists.

Contact for inquiries and details!


In an effort to continue to provide support in our communities, Shoreline Arts Alliance is has created an Arts/Culture/Volunteer Networking program across our region, bringing together senior staff, staff, volunteers and board members for a 90-minute session scheduled for six times a year called ArtsNet90. These sessions are bi-monthly and provide networking for arts, culture & heritage organizations staff and board members, and individual artists. Click here for more information.